Classes that Customize

to Optimize!

No two students are alike.


This is why we provide classes that are customized to every individual student's needs, in order to optimize learning and maximize knowledge retention. 

Test Prep

Test scores are a crucial part of your college application portfolio.


No matter what series of tests you take, our experienced education specialists are ready to assist you in your preparation needs. Our specialists provide customized, one-on-one test prep courses designed just for you because no two students think alike. Our courses are not only test-oriented, but seek to enhance the student’s reading, writing, speech, and critical thinking skills.


For example, our Toucan Speaking, is designed to help students succeed on the speaking portion of the TOEFL examination. Through carefully constructed feedback, our Toucan Speaking coaches pinpoint the exact needs of every student, identifying their specific pronunciation errors and supplying correct examples from which the student may practice. After a series of student speech submissions, coach feedback, and practice, the student will enjoy audible improvements in speech.   



Academic Training in STEM and Humanities Subjects

Our high-quality academic seminars are offered in our convenient, online virtual classrooms weekly. Taught by some of our most distinguished specialists, these small, discussion-based seminars will build your critical thinking skills in a liberal arts environment.


Covering a wide range of topics from World History to Calculus, these seminars foster students’ intellectual curiosity with interactive and individualized curriculum designed to engage and educate efficiently.


Art Portfolio Development

What is an Art Portfolio?

Typically, an art portfolio for fine arts major application contains 12-20 visual works from a wide variety of mediums, such as oil painting, watercolor, graphite, charcoal, digital imaging, collage, photography, installation, and more!

Your One-of-a-kind Portfolio 

Our customized course program pinpoints every student’s unique skills, creativity, and identity to create a one-of-a-kind portfolio that completely and positively reflects you, the artist.

Individualized, Project-based Courses

We supply specialized, project-based courses that are not only instructive but also inspiring, helping students to overcome the challenges of the artistic process.

Portfolio Curation

We also specialize in portfolio curation, as we understand that the process of selecting and organizing the right artwork to showcase within the student’s portfolio is just as important as its initial creation.

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