We Will Help You Grow!

          We believe that applying to college is a process of self-discovery and self-realization.


          Through our one-on-one consultation and tailored tutoring curriculum, we strive to help you better understand yourself and unleash your full potential. 

Strategic Planning for School & Program Choices

Applying to college is a process of self-exploration and self-realization. The deeper you dig into yourself, the more convincing your materials will be. If you feel you have potential yet untapped, talk to us. Tell us your story. Our experienced educational consultants will start your application season with a thorough personality and academic assessment.


Based on an evaluation of your characteristics, capabilities and preferences, we will help you choose schools and programs that will give you the strongest advantage and maximize your potential. With insider information and years of application experience, our team will tailor the best application strategy to your interests, character, and future plans.   


One-On-One Peer Mentor

Many of our high school students are matched with Peer Mentors for one-on-one mentoring sessions. Our Peer Mentors are not only students hailing from top-ranking universities in the U.S.  and across the world, but they are like big brothers and sisters to their mentees--ones who really understand the stress of applying to college and care about their mentees' growth. With an intimate knowledge of both the academic and social life at the world’s best education institutions, our Peer Mentors have more than enough information and experience to share with their mentees. No matter what your concerns are, they have got your back.


  • 100% of our 40+ Peer Mentors come from Top 30 US universities or colleges

  • Their majors cover science, engineering, business, liberal arts, fine arts--you name it!

Frank (Kuanting) Ling, Boston College 22'


Customized Extracurricular Activities

Thinktown New York offers a myriad of extracurricular activities from Automatic Robot Workshop to Debate Camp. These activities will not only be the highlights of your resume and personal statement, but more importantly, they provide precious opportunities for you to better understand yourself, cultivate skills, and integrate into society at large. In exploring your interests and potential in these activities, you will find your field of interest, meet people who will inspire and help you as you grow, and gradually make a visible impact on your community--maybe even the world. 


Start-to-Finish Application Portfolio Management

Our consultants and specialists will provide direct, actionable feedback on everything in your application portfolio from personal statement and resume development to interview preparation, guiding you on the path to your dream school.


Our consultants and specialists are your teachers, mentors, and friends who will make sure every single part of your application package is perfect and that every step you take is in the right direction. If you want, your relationship with us can extend beyond the application season, amounting to a long-term mutual-learning tutoring experience.

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