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Our American writing specialists meticulously measure each and every word with the student in their writing and provide round-the-clock support.

Academic Writing

Why is training in academic writing important?

Academic writing is the cornerstone of success in American high schools and colleges; however, international students often lack the English reading and writing skills necessary to communicate effectively and compellingly through their essays. Even untrained native English speakers find it challenging to write with precision and academic rigor.

How can Thinktown New York help you?

Fortunately, our elite team of Educational Consultants and Writing Specialist are available to assist you in achieving your goals within the often intimidating academic writing discipline, making the process streamlined and manageable for all students. Thinktown New York provides comprehensive academic writing coaching packages to guide you through every step of academic writing—from thesis development to syntax modification. We will provide meticulous and constructive feedback for every essay you submit, and draft after draft, not only will the essay quality improve, but so will the student’s writing ability. Thinktown New York provides extensive personal tutoring courses, editing services, and online classes to help high school and college students grow as young writers and scholars.






Creative Writing

Creative writing is a discipline that is highly versatile and applicable to many areas of study. Whether you are interested in journalism, film studies, or perhaps one day becoming a successful author, creative writing is an essential area to master. 


At Thinktown New York, we offer programs tailored to each student’s individual needs and goals. From poetry courses discussing the intricacies of John Keats’ Romantic style poetry to specialized one-on-one sessions that guide the student through the creation of their own pieces, Thinktown supplies students with all of the resources and expertise necessary to thrive in the area of creative writing. While broadly designed to teach students how to become more thoughtful and precise writers, this course package will also supply them with the tools necessary to enhance their portfolios, resumes, college applications, and career skills.



College Application Essays

How We Will Help You

Our writing specialists are professional, efficient, detail-oriented, and our international team is here to provide students with around-the-clock support. Our online communication platform ensures quick responses to your questions and concerns as well as valuable essay feedback, as you cultivate your writing abilities.


Our writing specialists not only revise your personal statement word by word, they also teach you how to brainstorm the content, structure, and organization of all your college application essays. They will push you to discover your individual passions and core strengths, while reflecting upon the successes and challenges of your life experience, fusing these many facets of your identity into your own, unique personal narrative. They will then collaborate with you closely on every paragraph, sentence, and word, as you learn how to become a confident and sophisticated writer over the course of the process.

“The personal essay is one of the cornerstones of the entire college application process.”​


Indeed, distinguishing yourself from others by clearly conceptualizing and articulating your ideas is key to anything you do! 


Resumes and CVs

Although it is easy for students to spend all of their time and energy writing college essays, they tend to forget about the resume and curriculum vitae; however, these are very important documents and should not be overlooked. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your diverse academic and work experience, as well as volunteer work, soft skills, hard skills, and language abilities, just to name a few! Our team will advise students in creating and revising their resumes and CVs, ensuring the quality of both content and style.

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